The fresh water pool is situated approximately 30 min walk down the beach, heading towards Barra, then a 10min walk inland, where you will find a purposely built hidden away viewing post . The pool is seasonal, and is formed in the ‘rainy season’ from August – October. The crocodiles migrate from the bolongs/mangroves on the eastside of the island, at this time of the year for breeding, with the fresh water pool being the perfect location and conditions.

Feeding on toads and tapalapa fish, they will remain in the pool as long as there is a sufficient amount of water. Evenings will find the crocks; heading towards the beach, moving over the sand searching for a dietary supplement of fish, crabs etc. which are usually washed up on the shore, from the throwaway from the night fishermen, this is a perfect time to view the crocks, on the beach and also the lagoon.

Mornings, and throughout the day the crocks are less active, and you will find these slumbering reptiles submerged in the cool water pool or ‘dug-outs’ , with only a pair of eyes on view.
In addition to the crocodiles, you can see the night time activities of the Bush Babies situated approximately a 5min walk away from the pool.


1) Leave lodge after dinner 7:30 eve, walk to the campsite – set up camp and fire.

2)Leave campsite, take a 5-10min walk to water pool.

3) View crocodiles in their habitat.

4) On our return to the camp, go and we can go and view the night time activities of the Bush Babies, reaching back at the camp for about 2 o’clock.

5)Next morning cook breakfast at the camp; arrive back at lodge for 10-11 o’clock.

pictures of this trip will be available soon..