Bird Island or ‘Ele De – Suwasi’ in French is an un-inhabited Island in the Atlantic sea north west of Senegal. Unfortunately the Island was the same size of Jinack (11 k x 3 k) but due to global warming and the constant sea erosion of the Island, it has shrunk to 2/3 of its original size now measuring approximately 8k x 2.5k.

However the north west of this well-known Island is the ideal resting and feeding grounds for many species of water birds Terns, Gulls, Pelicans and Herons, regularly frequent the Island, and the various surrounding sand banks.

The area also lends itself to ideal fishing waters, where you will see the local Senegalese and Gambian fishing boats by day and night fishing.

There is also an overnight camping option, this enables you to see the birds arriving (between 6 -7pm) in the evening, and departing in the morning to the various sand banks adjacent to the Island.


1) Early breakfast at the lodge 7:30, board boat from beach front.

2) Take a 40 – 50 min boat journey to Bird Island, bird and dolphin spotting along the way.

3) Arrive Bird Island 8:30 – 9:00 set up camp (overnight stay only)

4) Take a 30 min stroll to the north side of the island were you can see various water birds on the sand banks, this is also a great location to set up the fishing rods, and have a swim, and sun bathe if you choose…

5)12:30 – 1:00 have lunch.

6) Make our way back to the boat, arrive back at the lodge for 3:30