This mangrove creek tour has duration of about 1 and half hours. Starting at the bolong adjacent to the village of Niggi.

Heading towards the Senegalese territorial waters, you will see various stone bank islands in the middle of the creek, (these are more exposed at low tide).

These stone bank Island are ideal resting places for the numerous birds seen on the creeks, and for the bird watchers amongst us your likely to see, osprey, herons, king fishers,daker and cormorants, to name but a few.

You may equally be fortunate enough to see crocodiles basking in the morning sun on the mud and sand banks adjacent to these islands.

This is truly a beautiful interesting part of the island. The Mangroves are ideal location for the formation of oysters and cockles, where you can see the islands woman collecting and processing the cockles and oysters in the traditional ways of the ancestors, which have been retained for centuries.


1) Leave from lodge after an early breakfast 8:30

2) Take a 20 min walk or donkey and cart across to the bolong passing through various plantations and the village of Niggi.

3) Board the boat, journey through the Gambian part of the waters into the Senegalese waters, spotting various birds, viewing different types of fauna and flora.

4) Head towards the raised sand bank island spotting the various bird inhabitants, and hopefully basking crocs.

5)Spend several hours on the waters before returning (12:30ish) for lunch at the local café in Kajata village.

6) Head back to lodge (2:00) by foot/ donkey and cart