1)  Pick up from your hotel (within reasonable proximity) at 6:30

2) Board local ferry (usually 7:30) have breakfast the ferry is the busiest crossing in the Gambia, and it is not un-common that you will see herdsmen on top of open backed trucks carry , cows, goats, chickens, and various other livestock. Equally you will experience a typical Gambian morning, with children crossing for school, woman with their produce and wares to sell at Barra market.

3) Arrive in Barra 8:30 approx.,

4) Board transport jeep for Jinack Island, also known as ‘Coconut’ and ‘Paradise Island’

This is not before passing through the atmospheric, bustling, colourful, Barra Market, where you will see local traders buying and selling…

Barra is the busiest town in the ‘North Bank Region’ here you will witness the start of a customary Gambian morning, where traders from as far as Dakar and Kaolack (Senegal,) – to the border towns of Farafeni and Karang, all rushing to catch the early morning ferry to Banjul.

5) Drive through ‘Numi National Park’ stopping for lunch along the way-the area is often frequented by troops of Red, Green Colobus and Pathrax monkey.

Proceeding to the crossing point at the belong, where you will be met by a local boy from the island in a small dug-out canoe, who will then ferry you across to the island (a small nominal fee/tip is usually given for this service)

When reaching the Island, there are two options for getting to the lodge situated approximately 30mins walk on the opposite side of the Island.

Option 1: Take a 30min walk across the island passing through the village of Niggi experiencing a traditional way of village life that has survived through the ages.

Option 2: Board our boat, take a 50min boat journey round the Island to the beach in front Jinack Lodge, passing the 3 villages of Kajatta, Jattako, and Barra (Barra being the oldest village on the Island, and is situated on the French side of the Island), a small history talk will be given as we travel, pointing out places of historical importance, and significance (newly built School and Clinic)

Either option takes you through or past local villages and lets you witness a typical village life style that has existed for centuries.

For those who choose to walk to the Island can equally experience the Island traditional mode of transport ‘the donkey and cart’.

On arrival at the lodge 9:30 – 10:30 where we will have drinks, and you can relax on the beach, swim, or swing in one of our hammocks situated around the lodge.

6) Lunch will be served at 2:00, after lunch, relax for half an hour, then proceed with the journey back to your hotel via the arrival route, catching the 5 o’clock Ferry, retuning to your hotel between 6:00 – 7:00.

However there is an optional route, this is depends on sea conditions on the day.

Board the boat in front of the lodge; take a 30 – 45min boat journey straight to our pick up point ‘City Wharf Restaurant’ Banjul, where you may be fortunate enough to spot dolphins swimming alongside the boat as you travel.